Facts and Questions

Why should I groom my dog regularly?

Without regular grooming a dog is prone to skin conditions. Many groomers find lumps & bumps that the owner was of! This is not trough lack of owners caring, but how hands on focused care on your dog’s body while they are being groomed that picks up these sorts of things.


Knots in a dog’s coat can hurt them! They can pull their skin and can hide sticks & prickles that can barrow into their sensitive skin! Yuk! But we have seen it!!
Skin problems can be calmed & kept under control by regular baths & grooming using products for specific skin types & conditions.
Fleas & ticks can be sometimes hard to find but if we find them they can be washed away & removed. We will also advise the owners that this has happened so that a proper flea and tick prevention strategy can be implemented.


Touch of Pawfection is has happy to offer advice on how to get rid of the problems that are troubling your pet!
My dog is known to be difficult, can you still groom them? Short answer ‘we will sure try!’
If you are honest with us about any difficulties we may encounter with your pooch, we can be prepared. Most times these dogs are never a problem to us!! Sometimes one comes along that needs a second person to cuddle him while the others cut nails.


If your dog happens to get to a point where doing something is potentially going to cause harm, we will stop and let you know! After all, we are using sharp tools & the last thing we want is to cause injury! We will always do the best job we can in these circumstances.


Do you sedate animals?

No! We are not Vets. A Vet is the only place you can get sedation for your dog. If you dog does require sedation for a grooming to be completed, please let us know and we can make these arrangements with your Vet – although in our experience – very few pets need sedation for grooming purposes. Understanding animal behavior & having correct techniques is usually enough for most dogs (and cats) to be groomed without sedation.